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I’m improvin’ all over the world

Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

I got to travel Asia for two weeks performing and teaching improv. That’s a fun sentence to write. Hell of a trip, even if it was 95 degrees and 1000% humidity at all times.

Improv is global, that’s for sure, but it’s still a small community. It’s a small family. It’s awesome to be able to step into a foreign city and still speak that universal language of improv. How many people have a built in friend-base when traveling like this, where the people who welcome you are by default some of the funniest and artistic people in the country?

Thank you to People’s Liberation Improv in Hong Kong, Seoul City Improv, Pirates of the Dotombori in Osaka, Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Impro, The Hideout Theatre, Atomica Arts, and everyone else I met along the way.

I’ll be back. The food just doesn’t cut it here in the States.


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