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I went to New York

So I got to do this a few weeks ago:


(Photo credit to NBC Universal)

Getting into the workshop was a nice confidence boost to continue this comedy thing for a little while longer. Met some great writers, both as classmates and as speakers, and got to learn a bit more about how all the sausage gets made.

As great as it was (and still continues to be as we still have homework!), it’s also a reality check to show that nothing in the industry is ever easy. No resting on laurels; if you’ve got a toe in the door, now’s the time to produce. I’ll be back to churning out Hard Left videos this coming week.

It’s great to see NBC pushing for diversity not just on camera, but behind the scenes. It’s important for comedy because the more perspectives you have at the writers’ desk, the greater to opportunities for comedy, and the more pitfalls you avoid. Only recently did late night get their first black female writer, so there’s still a ways to go. Let’s see if I can ride the tide in.


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