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I’m Not the Expert, But I’ve Met Many

You're the ExpertOver a year ago, Chris Duffy asked me if I wanted to be a panelist on “You’re the Expert.” A year later, I’m still a part of this great radio show, which is some sort of testament to just showing up, doing good work, and being nice. Duffy could fill the panelist slots with any number of comedians, but there is something to be said about consistency and knowing who you’re working with, which I think are the reasons I’m a semi-regular. In a nutshell, that’s sort of how I approach comedy and life in general.

Saying “Yes” to Odd Things

I think the most interesting and eventful things have always happened to me because I said “yes” to opportunities great and small (usually small) that I normally wouldn’t have agreed to. They all build together and connect in interesting ways; agreeing to attend a small improv festival in a random city led to a two-week paid residency, for example. Many times, nothing comes from it, but I am always surprised at what results from some of the most random “yeses” I’ve given.

And once you do say yes, do a good job, because people remember that. The comedy circles are pretty small, and word gets around.

Listen to old episodes of You’re the Expert here and watch for upcoming shows on both coasts.

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